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50 Cent reacts to camera man passing out amid his movie ‘Skill House’ shoot

Niinanagh.com brings to you a news publication about multi-talented US Rapper 50 Cent.

50 Cent has reacted to a camera man passing out while filming a bloody scene of his upcoming horror movie Skill House.

The Super Bowl halftime show performer and producer Ryan Kavanaugh and writer-director Josh Stolberg shared that a crew member fainted during the filming of a gory scene.

According to TMZ, a medic was summoned to look after the struggling crew but he turned out to be fine and returned to the shooting.

Taking in Instagram, the rapper weighed in on the incident.

“The camera fell to the ground while filming, This (expletive) is gonna be crazy for real,” he wrote along with a photo of fake blood.

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Stolberg tweeted, ‘Yikes!!! We shot a kill scene last night and the camera operator became so nauseated that he passed out and the camera crashed to the ground.


“Had to stop down for a 1/2 hour. He’s okay now but… get ready for some crazy (expletive)!”

50 Cent further reviewed that the crew member was “passed out cold for 30min from the scene” as he “couldn’t take how real it was.”

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