7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Ghanaians

Niinanagh.com presents to you Healthy breakfast ideas for Ghanaians or people visiting Ghana for the first time.

Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal for the day hence the need to be careful about what we eat or what are kids are fed.

What is eaten as breakfast in Ghana mostly depends on what a person decide on. There are different categories of breakfast for Ghanaians, which will be listed in paragraphs below. Checkout some typical food eaten in the morning as we elaborate on them.

7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Ghanaians

1. Hausa Koko and Koose

The meal which is mostly accompanied by Koose is something Ghanaians love to eat in the morning. It makes you feel heavy and you might not feel hunger until lunchtime. Some people also accompany the Koko with bread. This is one of the most enjoyed beverages in Ghana, plus it’s very cheap too.

2. Tom Brown

This is a combination of milled roasted corn and groundnut. It’s normally prepared very thick and mixed with milk and sugar to taste. It’s eaten either with no accompaniment or with bread and sometimes egg.

3. Tea/Milo/Coffee

This is in the script and some people stick by it for their breakfast. However, the interesting thing is that the cups used in drinking these beverages are not the typical teacups we have, these can be described as mini buckets.

4. Beans And fried ripe plantain/rice

This food is quite delicious and nutritious, it’s also very heavy and can induce sleepiness in most people but Ghanaians love it as breakfast because it provides energy for the day and can help fill one’s tummy so one doesn’t feel hungry for a long time.

5. Koko with bread

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Ghanaians

Mostly found in the coastal areas of Ghana, “Koko” is mainly a paste made by boiling a mixture of corn dough and water. It’s usually accompanied by bread.

6. Rice Water

As the name implies, rice water is simply boiled rice with lots of water till it softens into a soluble paste. It is eaten with sugar and milk with biscuit or bread on the side. Apparently, it is mostly eaten by very busy people because it doesn’t take long to make.

7. Waakye


This is a deviation from the light food kinda breakfast. Waakye with spaghetti, gari, salad, egg, wele, and meat is the ideal food for a lot of Ghanaians. This food is normally not prepared at home, so it’s always bought from town. From school children to workers, this is the best breakfast.


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