Achimota-Rasta saga: High court orders AG, Marhguy’s lawyers to file legal submissions

The Human Rights Division of the High Court has ordered the Attorney General (AG) and the lawyers for one of the Rastafarian students, Tyron Marhguy, to file their legal submissions on the Achimota School admission saga.

Achimota-Rasta saga

The court, presided over by Lady Gifty Addo, gave the parties up to Wednesday, April 28, 2021, to file their legal arguments to enable the court to sit on Friday, April 30, 2021.

In an affidavit deposed to by Deputy Director of Achimota School in charge of Admissions, Paul Abankwah, the school is urging the court not to grant any of the reliefs being sought by Tyron Marhguy.


Filed at the court registry on Thursday, April 22, the school argues in its 46-paragraph affidavit that Tyron Marhguy has not yet complied with the admission protocols of the school, which is the actual reason he has not been admitted yet.

Mr. Abankwah further said in his affidavit that Tyron Marhguy has, to date, neither completed nor returned to the administration of Achimota school, the Acceptance of Admission Form.

He thus insists, as per paragraph 46 of his affidavit that, should Marhguy decide to complete the admission process and obey all school rules for the duration of his education at the Achimota School, the entire matter will be put to rest.

Students denied admission

About three weeks ago, it was reported that Achimota School had denied two Rastafarians admission to the school, although they had been placed there by the Ghana Education Service’s Computerized School Selection and Placement Service (CSSPS).

The school insisted that its regulation states that all students or potential students maintain a low haircut as a requirement for admission.

It therefore said the two Rastafarians must cut their dreadlocks if they want to be granted admission. The two students insisted and were consequently denied admission.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) subsequently ordered Achimota School to admit the students, but it made a U-turn on its stance.

One of the Rastafarians who went to seek admission at his second choice of school, Saint John’s Grammar School was again refused admission there because of his dreadlocks.

Following calls for legal processes to the initiated against the school, Tyron Marhguy sued Achimota School.

Injunction thrown out

Subsequently, Tyron Marhguy filed another application against the Achimota School.

Marhguy was demanding that the school temporarily admits him pending the final determination of the substantive case about him being denied admission for having dreadlocks.

The Human Rights Court 1 Division of the High Court has dismissed the application.

Justice Gifty Addo in her ruling held that the application in its entirety touches on the substance of the substantive suit and would thus be pre-emptive.

She reasoned that the best course of action would be to expedite the trial in the best interest of Tyron’s education.

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