Adele reveals she used Canadian rapper Drake as a sounding board

Music sensation Adele has revealed that she used Canadian rapper Drake as a sounding board for some of the tracks on her forthcoming album.

Drake also got a sneak preview of his close pal’s latest album 30 long before the rest of the world.

“I played it to Drake maybe last year when he was in town just to get… I’m like, ‘Do you think this is like, what people want or not want?’ And he was like, ‘Absolutely,'” she said on the U.K. radio show Capital Breakfast.

Though the “Rolling in the Deep” singer said that she typically doesn’t play her music to celebrity friends ahead of time, Drake was an exception.

“No, I don’t send it around to various people being like, ‘Can I get your thoughts on this?'” she said. “It’s always just about how it makes me feel. Quality control is my forte. And I can write a song about my own experiences and my own life and stuff like that,” Drake said.

Source: thenews.com.pk

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