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Afronative Launches Its Homecoming Szn Merchandise To Mark The Year Of Return

2019 has been an eventful year thus far, as Ghana’s Year of Return program keeps drawing expats back home to the origin of culture and arts. Today marks the launch of Afronative’s new round of collection, dubbed the Homecoming Szn.

The collection comes in two main products – T-Shirts and denim, with plans to expand to other merchandise forms.

The T-shirts feature rare prints of African legends including Queen Nanny, the leader of the Jamaican Maroons, King Asebu Amenfi – founder of the Asebu Kingdom, Kwame Nkrumah – first prime minister and president of Ghana, having led GoldCoast into independence form the British and King Takyi – a Fante King exiled to Jamaica and known for leading the popular Tacky’s War against slave masters in Jamaica.

The homecoming szn merchandise is currently up for purchase, kindly contact Afronative sales team 0502384638, or on social media via @afronativeghana

Reaction from Afronative Founder – Mohammed Blakk

“The homecoming Szn is upon us all, Africans,in Africa and every where else in Africa. At every point of lives, we need not lose touch of the fact, there are people who have strived for everything that we enjoy today, and we also need to first thrive and then strive to prepare for those who will come after us.

For those who are here no more, like our icons Kwame Nkrumah, Queen Nanny, King Takyi and Asebu Amenfi, it is essential we uphold their way of life, while charting new paths based on whatever that suits us today.

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