Akrobeto details 1 way he controls erection on set

Comedian Akwesi Boadi aka Akrobeto has given a detailed explanation about how he controls his sexual fantasies while on set.


The television personality who is the host of ‘The Real News’ a satirical show on UTV said he sometimes gets erected while on set for a movie when he comes into personal and close contact with ladies.

Speaking on the back of actor Salinko’s confession that he harbours sexual urges for actress Vivian Jill while on set, Akrobeto narrated an instance when he had an erection on set and how he controlled it.

“When I first entered the movie industry, it was Miracle Films who cast me and due to the luxury at his expense, he asked me to be in a swimming pool with some ladies.

“Seeing the ladies in their bikini, in fact, I got worried. I got stranded in the pool after the Director said cut because I had erected and it would have been a disgrace for me if I had left the water immediately. I deliberately bathed in the water till I lost erection.”

However, Akrobeto said he has become more experienced now and has learnt how to act professionally without allowing her sensual urges to have the better part of him.

“It’s true that we are acting but we are human. As a man, when you get caught up in something like that you can’t control but when you do it regularly you get used to it. Now I no longer get an erection when acting even when I’m naked on a movie set,” he stated.

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