American Pastor Joel Osteen In Serious Trouble -See Reason

The head pastor of the Lakewood church Pastor Joel Osteen has been said to have gotten himself into real trouble after “bags of cash” was found hidden in the bathroom wall of his church.

According to reports a plumber known as Justin was called to fix a broken toilet in the church only for him to find 500 envelopes filled with cash in the wall.

The plumber who was surprised by what he saw was said to have called on a Houston Radio stating to announce what he had seen.

It can be recalled that an amount of $600000 was said to have gone missing about seven years ago from the church’s donations which were made during service and were never found to date.

Justin revealed that he informed the church supervisor about it and had to wait at the church for over seven hours after seeing the money.

The police in Houston have been said to have begun their investigations into the matter and would soon come out with their final results.

Joel Osteen 58 the televangelist megachurch pastor is estimated to be worth over $50million.

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