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Ayesha Omer talks about the ripple-effect of childhood trauma

Superstar Ayesha Omer surely has a flourishing acting career but her childhood was laced with troubles one after the other as she revealed details in a candid chat.

In an interview with Fuchsia Magazine , the Karachi Se Lahore actress said, “I have been facing traumas since childhood. My father died when I was not even 2 years old. My mother was a single parent so she had to face many challenges while raising us. We were financially unstable, no one was their to support us. I completed my education on merit scholarship. I used to think that why me, when everyone else was living a perfect childhood, why can’t I have those fancy clothes, car and stuff like that. This was also very traumatic for me as a child.”

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She went on saying, “This trauma built a change in me to be a better person. Maybe it was a form of acceptance and approval that I want to be accepted the way I am. Many of my friends betrayed me when I needed them the most. When I started working I faced a lot of difficulties, I was sexually abused at a very young age. I didn’t used to get my payments on time because I had no one at my back to support me. These things very actually very traumatic for me but I believe that you learn from everything.”

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The star has been financially independent since a very young age and has been supporting herself  and her mother. 

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