Beware! New FRAUD Alert: An Old Woman And Young Man Working At The Airport Calling People Claiming There Are Packages For Individuals From UK And More, So One Must Pay An Amount Of Money First

A bunch of useless persons have begun phoning folks around Ghana, stating that there are packages available for them and that they must pay a certain amount of money, which could range from 750ghc and above, before they can collect their parcels.

They specifically state that there is a package from the United Kingdom and other well-known countries that will pique people’s interest in learning more about their yet-to-receive gifts.

They claim to know every detail, including the full identity of the people they phone from all across the country to defraud.

They claim to be Comfort and Anthony, who work at the airport, and that the parcels are ready for delivery, but that you must first make a partial payment of 750ghc before your box would be sent to you.

NOTE: Ghanaians, this is a new form of defrauding people since that Mobile Money fraud is no longer profitable for them.

They also call from a private number and always leave a United Kingdom – +44 7405 256393 behind to fool people into thinking it’s legitimate.

Mr Elder Anthony’s MTN number is 0543382429.

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