Bring out all your proofs – Akua GMB dares the public

Bring out all your proofs – Akua GMB dares the public

Former beauty queen Akua GMB has broken her silence and has dared anyone claiming to have proofs to implicate her to drop it.

These past few weeks, Akua GMB, Stacy Amoateng and Adu Safowaa have been in the news over so many allegations and accusations against each other.

It’s no more news again that Akua GMB who happened to be the 4th wife of millionaire Dr Kwaku Oteng has been divorced since the rumours started some where last year.


According to Adu Safowaaa who happened to have worked for Dr Kwaku Oteng and seen by most people as his daughter, Stacy Amoateng is to be blamed and is the main reason why the marriage between the CEO of Angel Group of companies and Akua GMB broke down.

Along the line, an unknown woman also appeared on social media and alleged that Akua GMB has sorted the services of Adu Safowaa to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of the businessman.

According to the woman, Akua GMB is just deceiving the public with her comments and she(Akua) herself knows Stacy played no role in her divorce and whatsoever asking her to come out and let the whole world know the truth.

Another audio surfaced on social media where a lady was also alleged that Akua GMB was caught by her ex-husband cheating adding that it was at that point Stacy Amoateng came into the picture to beg Dr Kwaku Oteng on her behalf.

But knowing how serious the matter was and after several failed attempts to get the millionaire to take her back, Stacy decided not to comment on the matter again and left Akua to her own fate.

The woman in the audio continued that to her amazement, she realised Akua GMB was rather launching an attack on Stacy who was only in the picture to help her get her divorced marriage together.

She continued that she has proofs to show and her ex-husband also has proof to show the world that she was indeed cheating on him with another man.

Well, Akua GMB has finally reacted to that and has dared all the people claiming they have proofs to share it for the whole world to know.

In a post sighted on her Instagram page, she is ready to face off with the people claiming they have evidence about her because she has kids and would go all-out fight for them.

She however concluded and warned that no one should hit her up on her page and advise her not to comment because she is fed up with the lies and needs to address them accordingly.

Akua GMB posted: “I’m patiently waiting for their expose . I will face you squarely. I’m ready for all of you so bring it on . Ad3n aaa ???? I’m laughing like a killer . Bring it on all of you . Nobody should come to my page n tell me to ignore them . It’s about time I face all of these people . The lies, the disgrace, the shame is getting too much. I have kids , I have to fight them for the sake of my kids. I won’t have anyone lie against me anymore . I dare all of you to bring whatever evidence you have about me out .!!!!!”

See screenshot of her post below:

Akua GMB
Akua GMB post

At this point, let’s not forget that Adu Safowaa has in one of her interviews granted revealed that Akua GMB is now happy and in a relationship with someone whos is ten(10) times richer than Dr Kwaku Oteng.


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