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BTS fans convinced Jimin is dating Korean actress Song Da Eun

Niinanagh.com brings to you a news publication about Jimin and Song Da Eun.

Rumours about BTS’ Jimin dating a famous Korean actress are making rounds on social media, creating a buzz between ARMYs.

An anonymous netizen made a now-deleted post on the popular forum Pann Nate that included 12 pieces of so-called ‘evidence’ that Jimin is dating Song Da Eun.

In the post titled “proof of Jimin dating Song Da Eun’, the evidence includes coincidences.

These ‘evidences’ range from similar accessories worn by the two to making Instagram stories at the same time , and attending events at the same time, among other things.


The same social media post alleged that Jimin and Da Eun wore the same earrings on the same day (June 29, 2022).

BTS Army did not react very well to this news, as fans think that these are mere attempts by the media to manipulate the star, and fans stated that Jimin’s personal life should be respected.

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