Close Friend Of Ama Broni Speaks, Says The Report Of Her Death Has Been Twisted As She Gives The Real Account

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The sad demise of a beautiful slay called Ama Broni continues to dominate social media discourse. The initial report which surfaced earlier suggested the deceased died after trying to escape from the lustful hands of some guys who rushed on her on stage.

In perspective, Ama’s seduction while twerking wildly on stage attracted some guys who rushed on her as they harassed her sexually by fondling her ‘oranges’ while others inserted their fingers into her ‘hole.’


Reports say she was struggling to escape from them when she ended up falling off the stage and landed on the ground with her head down, resulting in her instant death.

But a close friend said this report is false and far from what actually happened. The lady said during the street jam, a challenge was thrown to the crowd that whoever is able to shake her bum-bum heavily will be given $100 — an amount that is equivalent to ₵583.

She continued by saying her late friend took up the challenge and during her performance, indeed- some guys decided to rush on her because she was n@kdd so she decided to bring her wild performance to an end. She was declared the winner of and when and while making her way down the stage, Ama was electrocuted.

Unfortunately, help did not come early as people thought it was all part of her crazy performance until she died.

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