Cristiano Ronaldo embroiled in new controversy after Portuguese model’s allegations

Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to be in trouble after Portuguese model Natacha Rodriguez’s shocking claims, alleging she spent night with Manchester United forward.

Sharing the details about their meeting, the model claimed that after two months of messaging, she and Ronaldo slept together not long after the footballer had met his current partner Georgina Rodriguez.

“It was 1am and I sent him a photo of mine with a joke,” Rodriguez told The Sun, adding, “I never thought he’d reply. But at 6am he messaged me and things went from there. Looking back, I wish I hadn’t.”

Natacha Rodriguez revealed: “I couldn’t believe I was walking into Cristiano Ronaldo’s apartment.”

The model share the details in her on style, saying: “My heart was racing but he was very nice and sweet and told me to act as if I was in my home. I took my shoes off and poured myself a juice before sitting down next to him. We spoke about his apartment and where I was from.”

She claimed that Ronaldo also messaged her after the pair slept together in March 2017. “I enjoyed it. We will see each other again one day. Top secret, please,” she said he wrote to her.

Cristiano then proceeded to cut off contact and blocked her on all platforms and she believes he could do the same to his current partner, claimed Natacha.

Natacha Rodriguez expressed anger over his move: “Cristiano dropped me like a brick and he could do the same to Georgina. I was hurt by the way he dumped me by blocking me on Instagram after we slept together, and it still hurts now.”

Credit: thenews

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