Death Prophecies Are Ways Of The Devil : Kuami Eugene On Death Prophesy | WATCH

Lynx Entertainment signee Kuami Eugene in an exclusive interview on TV Africa spoke about his recent death prophesy which was released by God’s Crown Chapel, Reindolf Oduro Gyebi, popularly known as Eagle Prophet.

According to the singer, this stuff is the way of the devil as it’s the devil’s plan to always bring out bad news.

According to him, he doesn’t want to talk about stuff like these at all. He also moved on to reveal many people called him to pray with him as other celebrities also called him.

Watch the interview below.

In Eagle Prophet’s prophecy, he revealed the singer has been targeted by many people as they have sent his picture to places to destroy and bring him down.

He also advised the singer to take his prayer life seriously and stand in prayer.

He also revealed if he doesn’t do so, then he will die the same as the Ebony did as he saw in the spiritual realm that the singer went to his hometown and coming back it wasn’t a piece of good news for Ghanaians.

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