Oboy Siki – Director Jackson is mad for saying we are weak

Oboy Siki
Oboy Siki

Veteran actor Oboy Siki has lashed out hard on one of the popular movie directors in the Kumawood industry in the person of Director Jackson

Director Jackson last week granted an interview to Ghpage’s Rashad where he was asked why they choose to use young men in playing roles meant for old people.

In his response, he stated that the reason is simple adding that the old men get tired easily and they are now weak to be playing such roles.

This comment didn’t go down well with Oboy Siki who also granted an interview to Rashad and addressed the same issue.


According to Oboy Siki, director Jackson is not wise for saying they (Old people) are weak in playing movie roles.

Giving the genesis for this new trend, he narrated that the one director used Lil Win to play the role of an old person which he did very well.

Due to that the movie directors in Kumawood decided to follow the trend and started using young men to play those roles because they were happy with Lil Win’s act.

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He explained that it unfortunate director Jackson would make such a claim because he(Oboy Siki) is even stronger than him.

Watch the Interview below:

Oboy Siki threw a challenge to director Jackson to feature him in a movie that has a fight scene to prove to him that they are not as weak as he claims.

He concluded that it’s high time director Jackson and others say the truth on why the use young men for old men roles and stop throwing dust in the eyes of people that they(old men) are weak to shoot movies


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