Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson makes rapping debut with music video for ‘Face Off’

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has officially entered into the music landscape with the release of his first-ever music video titled Face Off, and has already taken social media by storm.

The star released the video all over his Instagram page and fans are blaring it with amped-up speakers.

The newly ushered in lyricist and songwriter even captioned the post with a few words of gratitude that read, “’Black & Samoan in my veins, my cultures’ bangin’ with Strange…’”

“Grateful and humbled to make my rap debut with these hip hop kings as I was just trying to deliver a rhythm, flow, energy & intensity that didn’t [expletive]”

“Huge grateful shout to the hip hop community for all the luv & music fans for all your HYPE reactions”

Before concluding Johnson even gave a shout out to his team for a job well done and added, “And finally, THANK YOU to my brother, the GOAT @therealtechn9ne for coming up with this big crazy idea of wanting me to drop some Rock gasoline bars on the fire with my #StrangeMusic USO’s @TheRealKingIso @_joey_cool. We made the MF’n ANTHEM HYPE song”.

Check it out below:

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