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Every Man Would Marry 5 Wives If I Was President- Sofo Kyiri Abosom

Founder and leader of the Ghana Movement Party (GUM) sofo Kyiri Abosom has revealed that every man would have married 5 women if he was the president.

According to the man of God, we have been soo much engulfed with the western culture that we tend to pay soo much to them than be proud of what we are and stand for.

He further revealed that there is nowhere in the bible that says man must marry just one wife so there is no need for men to stick to only one person as they can marry as many as they want to have.

Kyiri Abososm added that the lands are just been wasted and therefore people need to marry more and fill up the whole earth.

According to Kyiri Abosom, the whites invented Condoms to reduce childbirth as well as one man to one woman which also seeks to reduce the number of children every person can have on earth.

“If I was the president I would have made everyone marry five women. Theland is just been wasted and nowhere in the bible says we should marry only one”

He further added that the latest addition to reducing the birth of children in the world is the introduction of the LGBTQ+ into the world.

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