Every Musician In Ghana Today Is Enjoying The Fruit Of Shatta Wale’s Struggle -Kwame A Plus

Politician and Musician Kwame A Plus has come out with reasons why he thinks every musician in Ghana today is enjoying the fruit of Shatta Wale’s struggle.He posted his opinion on Facebook.

A Plus wrote:

“Every musician in Ghana today is enjoying the fruit of Shatta Wale’s struggle. He fought for respect for the Ghanaian musician.

1. Don’t bring Nigerians here and treat them special but treat your own people like trash.

2. Don’t pay Nigerians better than Ghanaians.

3. Don’t just use musicians to promote your event when you have not contacted and signed contract with them.

Most of the event organizers either own or work for some of the big media outlets and therefore decided to bring the guy down. Unfortunate some of the people fell for this and some musicians who are benefiting today fight him.

Anyway, Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown. Jesus was killed…. as for me I like everything Ghana. I love Ghanaians music. I love Sark, I love Stone, I love the new guys Kwame Eugene, Kidi and King Promise but Shatta was is the messiah!!!

4Lyf is 4Lyf. Nipa mpɛ nokorɛ!!!”

Do you agree with him? Let us know you thoughts in the comment box.

Source: celebritiesbuzz


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