Former Hearts of Oak player Daniel kodie Appeals for fund for his medical bills

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Development of the young player, Daniel Kodie has been static. His dreams of becoming a professional footballer is gradually coming to an end.

Kodie got injured while playing for the Accra based club during NC special competition organized by the normalization committee. The midfielder has been left to his fate after the injury.

The player spoke bitterly to a radio station in Kumasi Oyerepa Fm how he has been neglected and misses playing football.


He rather pushed the blames to former coach Kim Grant for not allowing Hearts of oak management aware of his injury and even went ahead to tell management that his contract with the club is over and he should not be catered for.

He later told the radio station he had an MRI scan which he was paid by Frederick Moore.

Daniel Kodie before joining hearts of oak player for liberty professionals.

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