Funny Face Again, Says He Had Intercourse With His Former Wife Recently

funny face divorces wife

There’s no stopping to Funny Face’s melodrama and despite the intervention from prominent people who are closer to him, he always pops up to drop something that ultimately damages his tattered image.


After he resurrected his baby mama saga and saturated the social media landscape with accusations against the mother of twins and calling out anyone who questions his mental stability for washing his linen in public, the comedian and actor has returned with another sequel to get us talking.

In a fresh post, Funny Face claims he recently slept with his former wife, Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim. He divulged this while blasting Abena Moet for saying this is the same volatile behaviour of his that collapsed his first marriage.

He also went to blast Pro-NDC and radio, filmmaker and radio presenter Ola Michael for being bias against him over the foregoing. See the post below;

funny and wife 640093193

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