Funny Face’s Baby Mama Fled After He Tried To Shoot Her And The Twins : Insider

Funny Face

It appears Funny Face has been lying to Ghanaians for weeks now as to how he ended up losing his baby mama and twins.

According to an insider, Kof Albab who is based in Dubai, Funny Face himself who sacked his baby mama from his house after one of his depressed episodes and turned around to accuse her of leaving.

The Insider claims that Funny Face sometimes goes as far as pulling a gun on the baby mama when she was pregnant with his twins and attacked her often.

Now, the lady after being sacked from her Funny Face’s house now lives in Kumasi but Funny Face has never bothered to go and check on her and the twins.

But he is always on social media making allegations upon allegations against Lilwin, the baby mama and others.

Kofi Albab advised Funny Face to pay more attention to the wife and not to treat her like trash.

It has now been revealed that Pat, the baby mama of Funny Face is now pregnant with another child for Funny Face. He should indeed treat her better

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