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Ghanaian man needs GHC22,000 for surgery or else he would die

A former Ebenezer senior high student known as Nana Yaw Peprah aka Yalley is suffering from a brain tumour and needs to undergo surgery to remove it.

Nana Yaw Peprah is appealing to the public to come to his aid so he can undergo surgery to remove it as it’s even affected how he walks and also his hearing.

Nana Yaw Peprah who completed Ebenezer senior high school in 2011(General Arts 1) and a footballer who looked worried when he was interviewed on UTV, also added that he’s also unable to sleep well and also eat because of the condition.

We’re also by this publication, appealing to all former students of Ebenesco (Padua) who can in a way support him undergo surgery to come to the aid of one of their own, but most importantly, we are counting on loving Ghanaians who are touched by his plight to support in their own small way.


The total amount he needs for the surgery is Ghc21,514 according to an invoice from Korlebu, where the surgery will be done.

A Copy of invoice from Korle

If we can just 2,200 loving Ghanaians to donate just Ghc10 each, he would get the Ghc22, 000 to help him undergo surgery before death snatches him.

If you are touched, please send donations to his number  0248171305 (Daniel Mac Yalley) to support this young man. No amount is too small. Whether it’s 1ghc, 2ghc, 5ghc, 10ghc, 20ghc, 50ghc, 100ghc you can send to support, the Lord will notice and bless you.

Watch him on UTV as he was interviewed below:


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