Ghost Poetry – In My Eyes

IN MY EYES, a 2022 post pandemic release by Ghost Poetry, an introspective piece about pain, struggle and loss and jultimately, healing.

The subjects look, from the outside, like they are well rounded and put together individuals. On a deeper level they range from mentally ill, to emotionally stunted and drained from the struggle.

But the moral of the story of IN MY EYES is perseverance. There is a ray of light that comes from deep within. You just gotta keep pushing forward. JThings will get better, stay on the grind!

Ghost Poetry is, Louis Poulin and Keith Vogel. While they live on opposite ends of the skinny side of Florida (West Palm Beach and Fort Myers), they manage to make music regularly. Sharing ideas, files and poetry is an almost daily occurrence.

Ghost Poetry has been making music since 2021 and have released on average a song per month to all of the platforms. All songs are written and performed by Louis and Keith. Louis handles the mixing and mastering details while
Keith manages the social media, Art and opportunity, side of the project.

While the project Ghost Poetry is a fairly new endeavor, it’s no happy accident. Louis and Keith have been friends for over a decade. Also, they are members of the group The Raw Bones Brigade, which features
Eddie Maldonado (Sable) on the mic.

In an attempt to satisfy a deep erge
to always be writing, working and creatively engaging musically, we give you Ghost Poetry

Stream and enjoy Ghost Poetry – In My Eyes below and share with friends:

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