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‘Good People Are Scared to Speak’- Bulldog On ‘Fix the Country’ Movement

‘Good People Are Scared to Speak’- Bulldog On ‘Fix the Country’ Movement
‘Good People Are Scared to Speak’- Bulldog On ‘Fix the Country’ Movement

Bulldog has asserted in a new post on Facebook that the double standard and hypocrisy of the majority is the reason why the country is retrogressing.

The #Fixthecountry is a new political movement designed to put pressure on the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) under the stewardship of Nana Akufo Addo. The campaigners want the government to bring the country back on track following the worsening economic conditions and decline in the living standards of the citizens.

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Loyalists of the NPP who are blinded by partisan politics, as usual, tried to fight back on social media by starting a feeble counterattack dubbed #Fixyourself and #Fixyour attitude which have done little to help their case. Having realized the outrage by citizens over the counter hashtag, they have now changed their narrative to the hashtag, #Nanaisfixingit.


While sharing his opinion on the new ‘Fix the country’ movement, the famed Artiste Manager and entertainment pundit said the fact that some Ghanaians, essentially the influential ones keep quiet and recoil into the timid shells during moments like this is the reason why we are lagging behind.

Taking to Facebook, Bulldog – real name Nana Asiamah Hanson wrote;

Evil is triumphant presently because good people are scared to speak up. If you want to make it in Ghana, investment in corruption — amazingly yields quadruple returns. This is Ghana where our leaders borrow money for consumption and invest in corruption. The only thing wrong with Ghana is the mind of the Ghanaian leader. FIX THE GHANAIAN NOT GHANA — until the Ghanaian mind is fixed the country will never be.#InHisPresence#sikanhyiraadomaseda.



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