Guy who travelled to Benin on Sunday returned yesterday, bought Benz, Range Rover, House today & his mum died today

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Read the story his friend has sent us on WhatsApp below…

“My friend called me yesterday night that he wants to come and sleep at my place and I said yes not knowing he was returning from Benin. I thank God that his big brother called me after my call with him to inform me so I immediately called him back to stopped him from coming to my place.


He actually went there for ritual money. His brother called me this morning to come and see dollars all over his room and i went there to see it but it didn’t move me cos am even afraid for him… he just sent me a picture of Range Rover and Benz he bought today… I am just praying for him now because his mother died today too. She was not sick.

There’s a confusion in their family right now… am telling you a true story. I have pictures of the money I saw in his room… if you don’t mind, I will send you… the thing is serious now in my area… he also went and buy 13 bedroom house with the money… he wants to give me the money some but I refused to collect it.”

See screenshot of our chat below.

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See the photos of the charm and they gave him and the money in Dollar currency below. You can also see his hand in the photo… he face was not captured.

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