Watchman And His Madam New Yawa Video Trends Online

Infidelity cases are on the increase and rampantly happening in people’s homes, this has informed and forced some men to put in CCTV cameras in their houses to watch their wives and what they do at home.


The proverbial forty days of this watchman in Nairobi finally reached after he was c@ught on camera having banging encounter or sleeping with his boss’ wife in his absence.

The CCTV camera that’s hidden within the house captured the uncouth watchman who’s been starved for long stimulating and enjoying himself together with his boss’ wife before unleashing his propeller on her.

Here are some images captured from the CCTV footage that we want our avid readers to take a look at. Our website policy does not permit us to post such videos but the video is trending online and can be found. Click to Watch The Video.

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