“I didn’t want the public to know I was COVID-positive because Obinim would have claimed false credit for it” – Kennedy Agyapong

Eccentric politician, Kennedy Agyapong, has said he decided to keep his COVID status from the eyes and ears of the masses because he didn’t want any so-called prophet to claim credit for it.

Kennedy Agyapong

He said, his rival, Bishop Daniel Obinim would have said he is responsible for spiritually infecting him with the deadly Novel Coronavirus.


In an interview with Asempa FM, an Accra-based Twi-speaking radio station, The Assin Central MP said he was wise enough to have a premonition of what Bishop Obinim will have said or done.

“If it had come out that I’m Covid-positive, the likes of Obinim would have said that they prophesied it. I want to prove to everybody that you can fall sick and recover without going to any pastor.”

He also added that he feared he might die when he contracted the virus but did not have any conviction to run to a pastor for healing.

“I was really scared that I will die but a doctor took care of me and now I am well. I didn’t go to any pastor because they don’t have a cure!”

Kennedy Agyapong said the virus has humbled him and thought him a painful lesson which has imbibed in him a new lesson of lowliness of attitude and an overall change in character.

On the show, he advocated the strict wearing of face-covering and the adherence to preventive protocols by all and sundry to safeguard themselves and others from the life-threatening virus which inflicted him some few weeks ago.

Talking about his continual resolve to exposing fake pastors, Kennedy Agyapong admitted that the virus and the ordeal he went through has slowed him and he doesn’t think he will be going on that tangent anytime soon but he will still be on the lookout.

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