If not for Showbiz I would’ve remained reserved – Sarkodie


Ghanaian hip hop recording artiste, Sarkodie has revealed why he is sometimes unresponsive to issues said about him.

The 2012 BET Award winner disclosed that he has always been extremely reticent about his personal affairs and he finds it difficult to adhere to the fact that he is a known music icon who should be readily responsive to issues about him and his career.

Speaking to GHOne TV’s Eli Kharis on Rythmz Live, Sarkodie attributed his shyness to speak to issues before fame as a true reflection of how he reacts to critical issues about his brand even being a mainstream artiste now.

The celebrated rapper said that his followers and Ghanaian music fans at large should not feel disappointed over his late or no response to issues about his brand as naturally, he is a reserved person so lovers of his music should accept that.

“Role Models are human beings so any emotions you’ve, they also have same. We [Artistes] aren’t robots so just because I’m on Tv doesn’t mean Sarkodie is on auto-pilot when it comes to living life. We’re in a way sacrificing our lives for your Entertainment but then again we’re still humans. There things that can happen that you’ll be disappointed but then again you’ve to remind yourself that I’m human. I’ve certain lifestyles that you appreciate but that doesn’t make me PERFECT. I think the pressure on us [Artistes] or most of the artistes want to please their fans so it makes it very hard. Naturally, for me, I’m a quiet person so people think I try to put a picture out there to make it seem I’m the best human being in life, It’s just not me. Actually because of showbiz is where I’m being open and try to socialize a bit more. I’m really the quiet type who likes to stay at home. My persona would attract certain kind of people who are also similar and relate to you. That is why there are diverse role models that you can go with so I just want people to understand that we’re human beings and mistakes are bound to happen.”

Speaking on how he reacts to negativities from the public, Sakordie replied, “I really don’t deal with negative stuff about it. If it’s true and I’ve to respond to it, yes I will but I’ve grown to understand that you can’t choose to be great and not have all these said about you.”


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