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If you drink alcohol before or after meal, this message is for you

Alcohol consumption keeps shooting up every minute and every hour.

As a matter of fact, the demand for alcohol is even higher than some commodities in some localities.

It is therefore not surprising that we have so many production companies working round the clock to meet the high demand of the populace.

High number of people in our society consume alcohol for different reasons.

Some people take it for recreational purposes. Others take it for ‘medicinal’ purposes.

We have some individuals who consider acohol as a remedy to some ailments such as stomach ulcers. whether such prescriptions are from medical practitioners is only known to those who consume alcohol in the name of curing ailments. Some people also think alcohol is a pain reliever.
They take it in excess when they are experiencing pains.

Interestingly, all these things constitute drug abuse. Acohol is one of the dominant abused drugs in the society.

When it is festive seasons, it is abused more.

But there are people who take alcohol to escape reality. Alcohol has a damaging effect on the thinking and judgement of the abusers.

It makes the individual to forget his or her problems temporarily, according to the abusers. In effect, all those who take in alcohol have reasons for doing so.

It has so many health hazards to the consumers which they fail to know. Take a closer look at individuals who are heavy drinkers and their alcohol free counterparts.

You will notice a vast difference. Those who normally drink excess alcohol are not always in the best of health. If you are an alcohol consumer, there are many things you do not know which is going to destroy your health and even shorten your lifespan in the shortest time. Below are some of the things alcohol does to your health you should take note of.

1. Alcohol damages your liver.

When you drink drink acohol in whatever quantity, the liver has to break it down into less complex forms to be used by the body. The liver uses enzymes in the breaking down process. When you consume alcohol in excess, the liver will have to overwork in order to breakdown all that quantity. When you take in alcohol frequently and in large quantities on each occasion, your liver is always under pressure. When the enzymes used in the breaking down of the acohol are not produced in excess, you are doomed! Your liver will start to malfunction. Have you seen what you are doing to your liver with such a bad habit? Who told you that alcohol cures ailments or gives appetite? Perhaps, those are just your own excuse to abuse alcohol. It is better you stop abusing and or reduce the consumption drastically so that you can live long.

2. Alcohol damages kidneys.

This is yet another problem you are going to suffer from, because of your abuse of alcohol. Many people who have problems with their kidneys have histories of alcohol abuse. The kidney is responsible for filtering the blood. Your kidneys are responsible for balance the water level in the blood. The kidneys remove waste substances from the body. When you drink acohol in excess, the kidneys overwork in order to produce more urine so that the waste substances deposited in the body by the acohol can be removed. So it means everytime you drink alcohol, you overwork your kidneys. This will cause your kidneys to become dysfunctional in the long run. I am sure you are not aware of these things that is why you are always present when there is alcohol to consume. It is better you reduce alcohol intake or stop completely if possible.

3. Alcohol causes stomach ulcers?

Yes! Stomach ulcers can be caused by alcohol. You have been abusing acohol because you think it cures ulcers but you are only aggravating the condition. It is common to see people heading to the drinking bar instead of the clinic when they have problems in their stomach. When you ask them, they will say without shame that they are going to take ‘something’ to get rid of stomach ulcers. In effect, their doctors are now the alcohol vendors. Let us see how alcohol causes stomach ulcers. There is hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It is also called gastric juice. It helps to kill the bacteria in the food we eat. It also helps to balance the PH level in the food we eat. When you take in alcohol before eating, it will rather raise the ph level. And when you drink acohol on empty stomach frequently, the alcohol will wear off the walls of the stomach. When the mucus lining of the stomach is removed gradually, you will experience ulcers. So have you seen the problem you are causing yourself? You are drinking more ‘acid’ into your already acidic stomach. If you want to prevent this problem from occurring, you know what to do after reading this.

Other problems you will create for yourself from drinking(abusing) alcohol are lung problems. When you drink acohol, you may put your lungs at risk. When you breathe, droplets of alcohol are carried by your breath into your lungs. This will put your lung at risk from a long time abuse. Alcohol also causing mood changes. When you abuse alcohol, your sense of judgement is reduced. In fact you cannot think straight. This can make you make irrational and impulsive decisions. Have you seen all the problems you are causing yourself by abusing alcohol? It is better you kill your lifestyle before your lifestyle kills you. What other problems can result from alcohol abuse? Share your thoughts to advise others. Share this article to educate and advise others.

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