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I’m ready to reveal what Bulldog told me about Kwaw Kese’s manager’s murder – Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale and Bulldog

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Shatta Wale, a dancehall musician, says he is now ready to tell the world what his former manager, Bulldog, now known as Bullgod, allegedly told him about the death of rapper Kwaw Kese’s late manager, Fennec Okyere.

Fennec Okyere, Kwaw’s manager, was murdered at his Manet Gardens home in March 2014, and Bulldog was named the prime suspect at the time. He was arrested by the Criminal Investigations Department in April for questioning after allegedly threatening to kill Fennec.

In January 2018 an Accra Central District Court set Bulldog free and cleared him of all murder charges. Kwaw Kese registered he wasn’t happy about the judgement

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But Shatta Wale has popped up saying he is ready to confess what Bulldog told him about the murder.

He wrote:

“Bull Dog since u r bringing out secrets. You will tell Ghanaians. What happen to Fenicks Murder !! And I am not joking about this time !! I am ready to tell the court about what you told me about you and your men and how planned that foolish act get ready.

“This Akuffo addo won’t give you a murder chance to be on our streets !!! Watch how this ends !!! You can’t fight time !!! [SIC].”

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‘I’m ready to reveal how Bulldog murdered Kwaw Kese’s manager’ – Shatta Wale

In the past few weeks the two have not been on good terms. Bulldog had already said he was no longer Shatta Wale’s manager on July 15, 2022.

But they have been jabbing themselves after Bulldog slammed Shatta Wale for being bitter about others’ success, especially Burna Boy.

screenshot 20221102 1249582661214982419101273

Shatta Wale in a riposte slammed Bulldog for granting such interviews, adding that, Bulldog was never his manager but an employee, who worked for his brand.

screenshot 20221102 125034751858485125888007

Bulldog subsequently returned to Facebook and prayed for Shatta Wale. According to him, the dancehall musician is frustrated with regards to his career sinking.

screenshot 20221102 125132638280432233347750

Meanwhile, Bulldog’s frustration tweet didn’t sit well with Shatta Wale who has since threatened to expose how Bulldog was allegedly involved in Fennec Okyere’s murder.

screenshot 20221102 1252248153872622478191578
screenshot 20221102 1252406595527763051126693

Bulldog is yet to react to Shatta Wale’s recent allegation as he had earlier been cleared by a court of competent jurisdiction.

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