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Is that ‘Nigel Gaisie’ seen having lovey-dovey moment with popular Tik Tok lady?

A video fast circulating online show moments Nigel Gaisie is seen having a good time with a popular Tik Tok lady.

Is that actually Nigel Gaisie? is one question one might ask.

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The lady in the video is known as Akosua Vendetta who shares very questionable and explicit materials on Tik Tok.

In the video, the loud-mouthed ‘Nigel Giasie’ is seen lying on what looks like a bed. He had used part of the pillow to cover his chest as the lady is seen in what could be described as a casual dress.

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Many eyebrows have been raised about what ‘Nigel Gaisie’ was doing or did with the lady before they sent out the video.

Meanwhile, many believe the man in the video has a striking resemblance to Nigel Gaisie but may not be him.

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Check Out Video Below For yourself and share your comments with us:

Below is a screenshot from the lady in the video with Nigel Gaise’ Tik Tok page:

img 3917

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