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Jackie Appiah sleeps with Hushpuppi & Arab men – Notorious Snapchat Blogger alleges

Notorious Snapchat Blogger, FatP***sy055, has today turned her attention to well respected and revered actress, Jackie Appiah.

jackie appiah exposed 1

The beautiful, short, dark and lovely screen-icon is known for her flashy lifestyle.

She rides the flashiest of cars year-in, year-out. Talk of G-Wagon, Maserati and other luxurious cars and you’ll see them packed right in the garage of Jackie.

She travels a lot too, from country to country, lodging in the best of hotels.

But the question that always come to mind is, how’s she able to fund her luxurious lifestyle amidst the fact that our Ghana Movie Industry is very dry?

Well, FatP***sy055 has alleged that Jackie does sleep with renowned Dubai based – Nigerian fashionista, Hushpuppi.

The only reason why we can somewhat believe this is, Jackie somewhere last year wished Hushpuppi a happy birthday and it got us all asking how she managed to know him.

But then, they all work in the media space so we comforted ourselves that perhaps, they might have some private business which they’re into.

Another thing mentioned by FatP***sy055 is that Jackie does sleep with Arab men on her plenty travels around the world and that her fav s*x preference is anal.

The notorious snapchat user also alleged that Jackie once deceived one Nigerian Alhaji that he should invest in a movie of hers, which she never shot and bolted with the money.

Some followers of FatP***sy055 also confirmed some of these accusations adding that, Jackie does sleep with even some affluent people in the country.

As if that isn’t enough, they mentioned one rich guy, Gram Money, as one of the people who slept with Jackie Appiah and gave her a G-Wagon car.

Below are screenshots of the accusations raised by FatP***sy055:

jackie appiah

jackie appiah exposed7 1627463632

jackie appiah

jackie appiah exposed1 420699471


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