John Legend makes revelation about whether his children like his music

Singer John Legend makes a revelation about whether his children like his music.

He breaks down whether his children prefer his songs during late-night jam sessions or car rides.

John Legend got precise about everything in his latest interview with People magazine.

“It’s good for my ego that my kids want to listen to me a lot. They love other artists too, but in the car, they’ll request me a lot.” He said.

However, that does not mean their choices align either, since Legend reveals, “Luna likes a lot of girl pop and R&B.”

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“She likes Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and people like that. Chrissy and Luna’s tastes are similar.”

But “Miles, honestly, if you ask him who his favourite artist is, it’s me. I’m probably second or third for Luna.”

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