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Kennes Multimedia officially launch Fashion Apprenticeship Reality show

Kennes Multimedia Production & Investment Ghana, an event organising and talent developing institution has together with Kantanka Media Limited has officially launched TV reality show titled “Fashioners’ Apprentice Ghana”, earlier this week to promote apprentice working tirelessly to showcase their craft and promote made in Ghana products.

Fashioners’ Apprentice Ghana (FAG) is a Pageantry Reality Show which intends to bridge the gap between the poor and the average in the fashion and beauty industry as well as to promote their creativity and the beauty of Africa through their hand work. KMPI seeks to engaged Fashioner’s and beautician across the perimeter of the country to select individual who are interested to undertake this competition, groom them, educate and provide a platform to showcase their inner abilities.

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During the launch at the premises of KANTANKA Media Limited the press was brief about how the organising team had structured to travel around the country to engaged all Fashioning designers and beautician to partake in this renowned Reality Show due to its benefits and objectives.

FAGH will see two contestants selected from every region across Ghana but one person will finally, the other contestants will be on stand by if any unforseen circumstances before.

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For details and addition information kindly follow KMPI – GHANA on all social media platforms or contact for details.

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