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Kitchen stool Headmaster finally speaks up & explains what transpired

Ghana some few months ago witnessed the best locally invented s^x position that made trend for weeks and even shot-up the price of kitchen stools.

The video had a School’s Head-teacher bang an SHS student in various positions with a Kitchen stool being the center of attraction.

Robert Sepey, the headmaster in the tape, has now come out to address the whole issue and clear what he thinks are misconceptions in the minds of the public.

Sepey lost his job in the wake of the scandal and in his interview, says Ghanaians believed a lot of things about the tape that are not true.

“I was a headteacher for a basic school and I was in a relationship with a girl who wasn’t my student. She was in her third year in secondary school and was not 16 years as circulated because as of 2016, she was eligible to vote,” he said.

According to him, they both agreed to film their s*x act and deleted the video afterwards but somehow, it found it’s way onto the girl’s memory card.

“The memory chip belonged to Priscilla and she wasn’t aware the video was still on it. Her brother requested to use the card and that was where he saw the video and showed it to his friends” he added.

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