Ladies get beaten by men they took money from for transportation & promised to visit but never showed up

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Two ladies received the beating of their lives when two men pounced on them for taking money meant for transportation and not showing up.


To put it plainly, these ladies took money from these guys and promised to visit them at their homes. Actually, these ladies requested the money as terms and conditions that must be met before they visit them.

Well, these ladies, according to reports, took the money and decide to prepare some food with it. In effect telling the guys that: “We have taken the money but we are never going to show up.”

These ladies took them for fools and spent the monies on other things. No sooner had they spent the money than these men appeared with an incessant demand for their money.

These ladies, who have already spent the money were at their wit’s end since they feel embarrassed for cheating on these men and they had no money to pay them back.

These impatient men decided against all pleas and advice to slap and beat up these ladies. In the process of giving out hot slaps to these ladies, the recipients had no option than to receive the slaps as punishment for taking their money with the promise to visit and never showing up.

Although many have condemned the act by these men, others have backed the act with the explanation that men must not be taken for a ride any longer simply because they expressed innocent interest in women.

If you don’t like him, why should you take his money?

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