Lady expresses fear after discovering head of doll stuck in wall of new apartment

A lady has expressed fear and anxiety after discovering head of doll stuck in the basement wall of her new apartment.

Jellin was completely lost and fear-stricken when she came upon this creepy piece of plastic head and took on social media to ask for help as to whether to vacate the house immediately or not.


She shared a photo of the head of the doll stuck in the wall. Per her undisclosed fears, this was specifically and deliberately done by the owner for some ritual or occultic reasons.

“My sister moved into a new house and found this in the wall of her basement,” she wrote and patiently waited for help.

This tweet has garnered over 300k reactions as people confirm or dispel her fears. While some claim that the head of the doll has no spiritual significance, others were very strong with their view that there was something fishy about it.

They advised her to vacate the house. Others also engaged in hot debates and arguments as to whether superstitions and stereotypical beliefs which the described as primitive be given a place in the setting of contemporary civilized young minds.

Check Out Some Replies Below:

Roland wrote: “Those are cellar babies. In the late 60s/early 70s it was a trend in both NYC and California to embed doll parts in the walls of your house, including basements. Sometimes items were hidden inside of these as well, including newspaper clippings and (rarely) cash. Take a look.”

Joe writes: “One day and I hope I am still alive, someone is going to dig in a part of our yard where we used to live and find two adult skeletons. Fake plastic ones of course, but that isn’t going to stop the shock value and call to the police. And no, I am not joking about it.”

Ray Kay writes: Nothing is gonna happen there hasn’t been a death by supernatural causes reported in the US since 1820. They just be chillin and trolling people now.

Jason writes: Yeah tf move out immediately

What do you say?

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