Man creates special ‘car’ with umbrella, drives it around

A creative man, Brian Kahrs, has created a special way to move around with a leaf blower, an umbrella and a mopping bucket

In a video that has gone really viral, the man could be seen using a leaf blower to create a moving force against an umbrella


Whenever the air from the blower hits the umbrella, it creates a force that pushes him forward and rolls the tyres of the bucket

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A man, Brian Kahrs, has taken the power of innovation to the next level and many people cannot stop talking about him.

In a video shared by In The Know Machines on Facebook, he converted the use of a mop bucket, a leaf blower, and an umbrella to create a creative tool of mobility.

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Not only did he create a kind of vehicle, he drove it to show that it actually works. To move the “vehicle” around, the man sits in a bucket, holds the leaf blower in one hand and the umbrella in the other, outstretched in front of him


Photo source: Facebook/In The Know Machines

To move around, he propels the umbrella with the air generated from the machine. Brian has called his innovation a “blue collar limousine”. Watch the clip here

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