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Man Kicks Lady Out Of Hotel Room For Not Allowing Him Chop After Flying Her Over & Spent $5k On Her

A Furious man decided to kick a lady out of his hotel room for not allowing him to smash her after flying her over and spending $5k on her.

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The man captured the lady with her face covered as he engaged in an altercation with her.

The man explained that he has been chasing this lady for several months on Instagram and after flying her over and spending lavishly on her she decided to pay him back by not allowing him to smash.

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The man said ever since they lodged in the hotel he has been a gentleman and hasn’t tried anything silly thinking she would allow him to smash in due time but it turned out that the lady was only interested in the chill-outs.

The lady explained that she was not aware that the man’s package included ‘smashing

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