Meet Cara Anaya: Woman Who Has Over 180 Orgasm In 2 Hours (video)

A woman by the name of Cara Anaya 30 years of age has revealed that she is able to have over 180 orgasms in 2 hours as she suffers from a rare condition that causes her to endure up to SIX HOURS of sexual arousal a day.

The lady who is a mother of one is said to be suffering from a sickness which is very rare and known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder which sometimes causes her to have multiple orgasms in just a few hours.

According to reports, the woman who lives in Arizona, USA, with her husband Tony Carlisi, 34, and young son Merrick,10 has been really going through a lot as she gets the 0ragsm at every place she goes making it hard for her to come into places where there are crowded people.

Cara was said to have been diagnosed with the illness about 3 years ago and has been living with it ever since.

Watch the video below;

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