Meghan Markle made Netflix ‘rethink’ multi-million deal: ‘Go woke or go broke’

Meghan Markle ‘drove Netflix into a corner’ with ‘go woke or become bankrupt’ apprehensions with a ‘self-centered’ disposition.

This guarantee has been made by imperial reporter Jane Moore, as she would like to think piece for The Sun.

In it, she wrote, “There are no greater group-think virtue-signalers than the Sussexes.”

“The get woke, go broke mantra is particularly noticeable in the entertainment industry when viewers want to be, er, entertained rather than watch something that preaches a PC message at the expense of a good story and interesting characters.”

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“Unlike terrestrial TV ratings that are still based on the viewing habits of around 5,000 sample households, the streaming giants have a far better idea of who, where, when and how many are clicking on each show, and for how long.”

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“Clearly there were concerns that she might have been languishing on the statistical equivalent of the seabed, alongside other televisual krill produced by people who think the public share their woke world view.”

“They don’t. And any business that alienates the masses that watch or buy their product to pander to the virtue-signalling few will suffer the financial consequences.”

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