“My girlfriend is addicted to giving testimony in church” Man complains

A man is concerned about his girlfriend’s addiction to giving testimony in church.

Narrating the situation to relationship counsellor, Joro Olumofin, he noted that she’s so addicted so much so that she even lies when she has no testimony to give.


Read the man’s message to the relationship coach below:

My girlfriend is addicted to giving testimony in church

Good afternoon Joro. Hope ur good ? This is not a relationship issue per say. It’s my girlfriend and I’m worried about her.

She is addicted to giving testimony in church. Both Wednesday mid week services and sunday service too.

She give testimony on both services I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 9 months now , she is cool and fun. She makes me more religious and I like it.

But I’m scared and worried now about 4 months ago we started going to the same church and I notice she is always giving testimony, sometimes she will even lie and give the testimony.

One day she gave testimony that on our way to church armed robbers attack us. Joro me I was in the car and no such thing happened at all, when I ask her why she did she will say she felt bad presence in her spirit and people need to believe in God.

she gave testimony that she saw spirits in our room and she cast and bind the spirit, that very night we were watching big brother party till mid night and she did cast any spirits o. The next day she went to church and started crying and giving testimony that she fought heavy spirits.

Now people in church have started looking at her funny and me too, like I’m gf to a mad person.

Pastors have started ignoring her and refuse to give her the microphone to testify. Like last 2 sunday’s ago, the pastor asked does anyone have a testimony. My gf raise her hand and whole church started to murmur there and then.

Please what is wrong with my gf ? Sometimes she even gives testimony on behalf of her friends.

When they don’t allow her talk too much she will get angry and insult the pastor on our way home. Yes, before I forget. When other people are giving testimony she will say there own is fake. I am getting worried I swear, if I talk we end up fighting ‘

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