Nana Opoku Kwarteng sheds more light on his relationship with Ebony

Mr Opoku Kwarteng, have granted another interview, this time with her late daughter’s friend and recent controversial show, the ‘ATUU’show with Abeiku Santana.

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Not much new things but yet some newer things were said.

As expected, he repeated what he has been going on about for the entire week, and provided the supposed evidences of his statement.

He repeated his revelation on GhOne TV about Bullet wanting to see ebony’s corpse at midnight when the accident happened.

This time around tho, he didn’t state that Bullet had something to do with the death and addressed people saying he’s lying.

What will I lie for? Bullet asked to see the body during midnight when she died.

When asked if he thinks Bullet had something to do with it he said;

All I know is she died in an accident, as to if someone did it, only time will tell

Many have accused him of chasing after money and have questioned, what is his occupation, and if he even works.

He says he’s a business man who’s into a lot of things, was reluctant to state what sort of business, but said “Am a businessan, I work with gold, construction and other things”

According to the man of the moment, her daughter was a Daddies girl and there was nothing she didn’t tell him.

We were very close, she told me everything.. .

Sometimes she even came and slept with me, Nana Hemaa was a Daddies girl.


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