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Netflix’s Stranger Things: In a recently released blooper clip, Vecna cracks up.

Fans are in fits after Netflix unveiled the Stranger Things humor clip at its TUDUM showcase event.

The joke reel provides a view into the behind-the-scenes action, which is extremely different from the tone of the show given its darker elements.

The reel showcases the cast of the show’s on-set interaction, from fumbling through lines to cracking gags.

Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, and Winona Ryder grinning at the camera during their Jopper kiss, Steddie stumbling over vines in the Upside Down, and even a hilarious montage involving Maya Hawke and Joe Keery were among the laughs in the new behind-the-scenes film.

Netflix's Stranger Things: In a recently released blooper clip, Vecna cracks up.

The fan favorite moment from the reel, though, was Jamie Campbell Bower laughing while wearing his Vecna outfit.

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It’s always startling and thrilling to be reminded that the team mostly used physical effects, such as costumes and prosthetics, to create the monster because the show clearly goes all out on the VFX.

Here’s how the fans reacted:

“Hearing Jamie’s regular voice and laugh in the Vecna costume has got to be the strangest thing,”

“[I don’t know] why but Vecna laughing in Nancy’s face was freaking hilarious,” another reacted.

“Seeing Jamie laugh as Vecna is so funny,” echoed another. “Rare to see vecna laughing,” a fourth later chimed in.

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Watch Netflix Stranger Things here:

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