New Hit For The Fall? Absolute Phase Releases YAAPOM

An energetic explosion of music with soaring vocals, progressively intensifying guitar riffs, memorable bass lines, and a driving drumbeat only scratches the surface of “YAAPOM (You Are A Part Of Me)”. As layers of pleasing tones are gradually stacked, the listener is skillfully lead down an adrenaline infused pathway of time, painted with the sound of what only could be described as YAAPOM. However, an unavoidable question will eventually approach, “What really is YAAPOM?”. The emotive orchestra of vibration is evidence enough to show it can’t just be an acronym. To find the answer, we may have to dive into the history of this up-and-coming group.

Initially, Absolute Phase was formed in 2019 with Zak Johnson, lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, at the helmaccompanied by Matt Storey on bass and background vocals, Andrew Kolb on drums and background vocals, and Ismael Escalante on lead guitar and background vocals. The group started making waves when they began getting radio airtime in the US and UK with their first album, “The Little Black Book”. After that, they would start seeing the inside of larger staple venues of Chicago such as The Cubby Bear, Q-Bar, and Basecamp, playing alongsidenational bands like Otherwise and Spoken. Their moderate success was enough to get them an invite on to the festival circuit until 2020, to quote Miley Cyrus, “came in like a wrecking ball” and smashed the music industry to smithereens. It forced them into a hiatus and initiated Ismael’s departure from the group.

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Absolute Phase

However, it seems like father time guided them properly with two new members appearing, Alvin Santner on lead guitar and Ian Rottner on rhythm guitar. Armed with a new outlook on music, the current version of Absolute Phase is now ready to take on the world,starting with this new release. It is evident that YAAPOM pays tribute to the 90s and 00s rock scene by grabbing inspiration from Brandon Boyd’s smooth yet powerful vocal melodies and Chris Cornell’s stratospheric shattering screams, while uniting distorted guitar of Kurt Cobain’s persuasion and Flea’s funk on bass to createthat infectious, solid foundation of music. The song also takes a vision of current music by inserting catchy melodic instrumental lines influenced by Walk the Moon or The Jonas Brothers, and lyrical padding that leaves one with a Bastille aftertaste. Lest not forget the copious, integrated vocal counterpoint guaranteed to have you humming the tune for days. Whatever series of musical events lead to this cornucopia of instruments, I am admittedly grateful for.

Regardless, none of this explains what YAAPOM really is. The band released a video in tandem with the song that could unravel the mystery, but on further review, it will likely leave one with more questions than answers. It just might mean that YAAPOM is left for the viewer to deduce. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

Enjoy their new release ‘YAAPOM’ by clicking on the link below:

Absolute Phase – YAAPOM

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