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Nsawam: Inmate fights Prison Officer for attempting to snatch wife

But for the intervention of some good Samaritans, the Nsawam Medium Prisons would have witnessed one of the bloodiest scenes in its history when an inmate tried to slug it out with a warder for attempting to snatch his wife from him.

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It was Tuesday, February 12, 2019, at about 3pm when Tracey (not original name) traveled to the Nsawam Medium Prisons to visit her husband, Atobrah (not real name) who has been given a room in Block 5 at the Nsawam Prisons to ‘cool off’.

After going through the process and acquiring a pass to visit Atobrah, Tracey was told to wait for a while.

Unknown to Tracey, a Prison Officer (name withheld) who had knowledge about her host and who has been disturbing her to go out with him quickly rushed to Block 5, called Atobrah to step out and started quizzing him about his relationship with Tracey.

Our sources in the prison yard said Joshua did not take it easy when the Prison Officer kept pressing hard wanting to know if there exist a relationship between him and Tracey.

At this point, a verbal altercation ensued between the two (Atobrah and the Prison Officer) with some inmates who were not happy with the situation intervening to avert any calamity.

The Prison Officer, kasapafonline.com understands, had once seized the mobile phone of Tracey for failing to grant him audience.

This, together with the verbal confrontation, compelled Atobrah to officially lodge a complaint with the administration of the Nsawam Medium Prisons over the bad conduct of the Prison Officer.

In October, 2018, Management of the Nsawam Medium Prisons commenced investigations into allegations of prison officers snatching the wives of inmates of the correctional facility.

The move followed complaints by some of the inmates who accused some prison officers of taking their wives from them when they come around to visit them.

According to the inmates, they would have no option to address their grievance than to embark on massive demonstration in the prison yard which will be very difficult for anybody to control them, should their call for the removal of the leadership of the facility falls on deaf ears.

The inmates contend that they are bent on triggering their option since the leadership of the prisons have for some time now been treating them unfairly.

“Once of the In-Charge Officers (name withheld) has been exchanging telephone numbers with our wives when they come around to visit us. He will then call to propose to them and will end up telling them all manner of things. Most of us here, our marriages are on the rocks because of these officers. They are supposed to be professionals but their actions have proven otherwise. The authorities have to change them immediately”, one of the inmates speaking on condition of anonymity told kasapafmonline.com, Saturday, September 29, 2018.

The public is yet to be briefed about the outcome of the investigations conducted by the Prisons authorities.

Source: Kasapafmonline


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