Pastor shaves the pubic hair of female members of his church

The Tabernacle of God lately has turned into a place where ungodlily and unbiblical activities are being gladly carried out.


Some respected men of God who are to lead the way are rather the ones who are championing the course of indoctrinating members with strange and useless teaching and preachings.

The congregation, on the other hand, can’t be ignored as they have given the opportunity for them to be used by these so-called pastors for their personal gains. It’s pathetic.

This aphorism comes on the back of a video fast going viral on social media that captures a pastor of an unfamiliar church shaving the pubic hairs of female congregants in the church during a sermon.

In the video, the pastor asked the ‘blinded and miracle seeking’ women to take off their panties and underwears so he shaves the hairs on the pubic region.

The pastor, Attah was heard saying that it’s a divine direction from God. He backed his claims with a quotation from the Holy Bible (Leviticus).

Attah said it’s required of every Christian most particular his members to shave the private parts and get bathed by him so that all uncleanliness in their lives will be swept away.

Knowing very well the attack he may face with this bizarre hair shaving deliverance of him, the pastor who was preaching alongside shaving the female congregant’s hairs indicated that those with shallow in-depth in bible teachings will criticize him. Click to watch the video.

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