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People Think Am A Prostitute So They Want To Pimp Me-Efia Odo

Social media personality and video vixen Efia Odo who was recently in the news after having a feud with musician Sista Afia has made some shocking revelations about herself as she claims people want to pimp her.

According to Efia Odo, people who see her dress seductively think she sells herself for money or gifts but she has never done anything of that sort as speculated.

Efia who was speaking during an interview on Peace FM revealed the imaginary image or perception people have of her.

She further added that she can boldly say and even lick the ground to prove that she only has sex with people with whom she is in a relationship with but never in her life has she behaved like a pr0stitute for money.

“People who see me try to pimp me to big men because the way I dress and present myself deceive them but that is not how I was raised. I started working when I was 16 years old” She was heard saying.

Source: gossips24.com

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