Prince Charles to implement key changes after becoming king

Future King Prince Charles – who became the longest serving Prince of Wales in 2017 after he broke the previous record held by Edward VII – is likely to implement a few key changes to establish the tone of his reign.

Charles may make big changes to the Royal Family after stepping up as head of state.

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The heir apparent to the British throne will look to cultivate a new image of the monarchy, updating its appearance for the public as it adjusts to the Queen’s absence, Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, told Express.co.uk.

He added: “There’ll be certain efforts in terms of PR. I think there’ll be be two things it will do – one of which will be fairly popular.

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“[Charles] said that he wants to open up the palaces, and maybe not live in Buckingham Palace – to let that be open all year round.

“They should have done that years ago, and it shouldn’t be his decision to make, but if he does that, then, great.”

Prince Charles has intentions and plans to ‘slim down’ the monarchy and lift the image of royal family.

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