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Prince Harry shares tactics to safeguard mental health

In latest news available to niinanagh.com, Prince Harry has shared his way of safeguarding mental health.

The Prince breaks down how he protects his mental health and takes “care of what my mind ingests” during social media scrolling.

He shared his tips in reference to his status as a “I veteran of conflict but also simply as a human”.

In an interview with People magazine, he broke down his key tips and was quoted saying, “For much of my life, I have been in the fortunate position of being able to help others.”

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“As a veteran of conflict, but also simply as a human, I take care of what my mind ingests. Like a digital die,” he explained.

“Cutting out the toxic parts of the online world and the way stories are put in front of us, baiting us, is one way I prioritize my well-being.”

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“I also make sure to talk to people, directly, one to one, about what they’re going through, and try to learn from their experiences and understanding of the world.” The father-of-two concluded.

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